Data-Driven Business Decisions

Manage and build your car wash business efficiently and effectively by making informed, data-driven business decisions with the ClearVue Chemical Monitoring System. Designed for optimal accuracy with high-quality hardware and smart reporting, ClearVue gives you all the information you need in one place so you can manage one or more sites in one system at your convenience, from wherever you happen to be.

  • Live Dashboard

    Monitor actual daily usage and cost in real-time.

  • Tank Levels

    Real-time updates of all tank levels.

  • Alerts

    Alerts to notify you of low chemicals & usage variances.

  • Reports

    Usage and cost reports from any time period.

  • Multiple Locations

    Monitor all your locations at once.

Superior Hardware & Easy-to-Use Software

Our hardware is easy-to-install, and delivers information you can trust.

  • High-quality sensors and monitors are accurate, reliable, durable and easy to calibrate
  • Integrates with True-Vue Chemical System for best accuracy and consistent readings
  • Quick, clean installation
  • User-friendly, plug & play
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