Quality Matters: Why Low-Grade Chemicals Can’t Hold Up

When cleaning cars are your core service, it is critical to invest in the right chemicals to deliver a consistent clean, dry, and shiny vehicle for your customers. One particularly vulnerable part of the automobile is the exterior paint finish. It’s the first thing customers see when a car comes out of the car wash, so it is crucial to properly clean and prep the exterior surfaces before applying any finishing products. If either part of the equipment or chemical equation lacks in quality, it can lead to scratches, stains, and discoloration that can spell disaster for the paint finish.

Hydroflex Inc. Anti-Siphon Kits

Have you ever had a digital scale show products being pulled through an HFI injector even when there is no car in the wash? Your cost per car can easily double when injectors continue to siphon the chemical after a car goes through. HFI now ships antisiphon kits with their systems to prevent this, but most installers don't take the time to install them. Trust us—they are worth installing because they reduce the effects of water hammer and prevent drawing chemical into your solution line when the valve is closed.

Introducing M.A.X. Power High-pH Presoak

The all-new M.A.X.-Power is our best touchless High-pH Presoak yet!  With it, you will deliver more clean and shiny cars than ever before. This product features a pH boosting technology that allows you to adjust the pH level from Moderate to Aggressive to Xtreme to overcome challenging cleaning conditions. Use Turtle Wax® Pro M.A.X.-Power Presoak to maximize your cleaning efficiency. Try it today!

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