Total Turtle Program Improvements

Has a customer ever told you that they have nowhere to put a sign or that their city won't allow them to use it? Now, you can simply mix and match any Turtle Wax Pro standard signage, up to the maximum allowable value listed below per car wash type. We have also increased the value of each of the packages so you can increase value to your customers.

​The new order form automatically calculates the total order value before you place the order. All orders submitted without the required documentation including the Signage Agreement will not be processed. Start taking advantage of this program today!

To get the latest copies of the program, contact your regional sales manager  or email Sara Box.


Latest News

  • 9 months 3 days ago

    Bring excitement and awareness at a car wash with these new 3D Turtle Wax Pro branded windmaster signs by Ahearn. These signs are eligible for reimbursement through the Total Turtle or Marketing Co-op Program.

  • 9 months 1 week ago

    Contact us today. Locations and dates to be announced soon. Here are the highlights of some of the topics will cover:

    Technical Training