New name, same great company.

Formerly CarWashConnect(CWC) started as a small software company with the goal of developing digital solutions for the car wash industry. As their business and product evolved another rebrand was identified. The primary reason for the name change has been to clearly differentiate our company and solution from the rest of the market. There are similar names in the industry that use variations of ‘car wash’, ‘wash’, ‘mobile’, ‘connect’ in their branding. Mosaic was selected. Since the CWC brand was relatively unknown today, it made sense to change the name now before we begin to ramp sales and marketing.

Why the name Mosaic?  It represents all the software elements that form into a robust solution for a car wash operator. From petroleum chains to multi-site operators and tunnels to in-bay automatics, Mosaic helps operators to securely manage their businesses from the internet, adding new memberships easily, managing car wash locations remotely, and using valuable data about users to make better decisions.

“Our ‘big picture’ is our vision to deliver a robust platform that will allow operators to adapt and succeed as our industry landscape shifts. We’re tracking promising tech trends like AI, data analytics, IoT, Connected and autonomous cars. We and are committed to helping you use these tech trends to help the industry.” – Mosaic

Although separate business entities, we partner with and recommend Mosaic as a solution for our customers. To learn more about Mosaic­­ click below.

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