Introducing the NEW ultimate paint protection product that enhances and brightens dull paint finish as well as protect the surface from UV for months. Incorporate this product into your offerings to grow sales.

Here’s how it works:

Microscopic ceramic particles suspended in the Super Hard Shell Finish formula gently polishes and shines the paint finish. Not only that, but the ceramic particles also helps boost the hydrophobic effects of the drying agent to rapidly shed water off the vehicle surface. Super Hard Shell Finish helps produce a sleeker shiner finish while sealing in the beautiful and protected finish for months.

Super Hard Shell Finish adds value to any top wash package and delivers premium results. Request a trial today, and see for yourself!

  • Provides months of durability and protection
  • UV blocking properties to help protect paint finish for months
  • Produces incredible water beading and slickness for easy maintenance
  • Use in combination with Turtle Wax® Pro BLAZIN’ GLAZE™ or ICE® INSTANT SHINE™ to amplify hydrophobic properties and  reduce drying time!

Since the introduction of this product at the ICA Car Wash show this past spring, distributors and operators alike have raved about the incredible wash results and the beautiful promotional signage available.


A watermelon-scented, neutral pH sealant with ceramic and UV blocking properties that enhance and brighten paint finishes while leaving a long-lasting shine.

Sizes: 2.5, 5 & 30 USG / 9.46, 18.9 & 113.4L

Application: Friction


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