More tools to help you and your team sell and promote Super Hard Shell Finish. Bring more value to your customers by offering marketing solutions to grow their business while also growing your chemical sales.

Our newly launched Super Hard Shell Finish (HP 819) product is an excellent way to help operators boost and sell more top wash packages! Include this product in your next sales call.

Our partners offer an amazing selection of signage to help you promote this product at a car wash. Ahearn Signs now has beautiful signage available to help promote Super Hard Shell Finish at a car wash. To support your customers leverage our various marketing programs: Total Turtle and the Equipment and Arch Program.

If signage is not what you need, we also offer a other sales and marketing support solutions. We can help you create custom marketing pieces for your business or provide tools to support grand opening events for your customer. Contact us to find out which program works best for you.

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