If you’re a Chemical Sales Rep, you’ve probably been there: all eyes are on you – car wash owners, managers, and employees – as you walk into the equipment room to help solve a chemical issue. Looking professional and organized helps build credibility and trust.

Image Credit: Keter Store on Amazon

Maintaining and optimizing chemicals usage is a key and vital responsibility of a Chemical Sales Rep. To do that, it’s essential to have the right tools on site to get the job done the first time. Transporting bulky and small tools including spare parts can become daunting. Over the years, we have picked up a couple tricks, and we want to share them with you.

Image Credit: Keter Store on Amazon

Today we are featuring one of our favorite products, the Masterloader Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box. It is well sized, organized, and sturdy toolbox that helps store and cart the tools to help get the job done. It is available on Amazon, and won’t break the bank.

The Amazon Product Description from Keter sums up the positive parts of this toolbox very nicely:

“There are many benefits to be gained from using a good tool chest… This Masterloader storage cart is like a portable shop. It has a central locking mechanism for maintaining security as well as stability during travel. The interior is organized to maximize the amount of available space, and there is even a tool divider for the easy compartmentalization of the tools. The topmost storage bins slide apart to reveal the main bin underneath, and this system allows users to store their frequently used tools on the top portion of the toolbox. Heavier tools and rarely used items can easily be stored below. The ball-bearing sliders allow you to gain access to these tools without the cumbersome added step of removing the top bins.” Descriptions and Photo credit, Keter Store on Amazon

If it’s time for a toolbox upgrade – we recommend this one. Check it out at Amazon or see if it is available at your local hardware store.

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