The humble check hub is an important tool in your service kit.

Check Hub

This simple device can save you time, headaches, and money! These have come in handy for our team out in the field.

The Check Hub is also known as a Remote Metering Device; it ensures that the product flows in one direction towards the chemical injector. To install the check hub, place it 4” from the injector nozzle on the chemical line.

Clogging and backflow issues – Often, pressure in the line moves the residual chemical causing problems with chemical application. Installing a check hub helps to prevent tips from clogging up with the excess product and helps control backflow from the injector. 

Easy Inspection – The check hub also allows you to see if the product is flowing smoothly into the injector system and identify which color tip is used.

If you don’t have these in your service kit, we highly recommend carrying a handful of these. Place orders through Hydraflex Inc (Part number 1001756).

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