Here are highlights from day two of our 2019 Turtle Wax Pro Summit in lovely Las Vegas.  If you haven’t already, find out what we happened on day one by clicking below.


Day Two:

Day two began with two breakout sessions, one for the Owners/Managers and Chemical Sales Representatives. The owners and managers had the opportunity to meet with an industry recruiter Justin Moss to discuss the challenges and strategies required to help recruit quality staff in the car wash industry.

The session then opened up for the owners to freely discuss and share various business challenges and issues with their peers. Things like software tools, effectively managing staff, and best practices for customer service were brought to the table. With the amount of collective experience around the table, a lot of insights and knowledge were shared by everyone.

In the next room, the Turtle Wax Pro sales team identified the different stages of the sales process and shared how to navigate through each step effectively. The attendees took away sales tips, strategies to improve prospecting, how to uncover customer pain points to identify the best chemical solution for a customer, and more.

Suds Creative, shared some of their marketing insights and strategies to help their clients deliver effective branding and ROI for their clients. They covered everything from the brand development process, effective pricing strategies, and delivering consistent customer experience post the launch. Through social engineering, remarketing, advertising, Suds Creative has helped operators grow their customer base and profits.

The afternoon continued with presentations from various vendor partners like Mosaic, who introduced its latest cloud-based solution for operators to promote and market their wash packages and monthly memberships through a customers smartphone. Velocity Water Works, spoke to the importance of having a functioning water softener, and the problems it can cause for delivering clean cars when the system is not maintained or not used. Softened water and a reverse osmosis water system are integral to producing beautiful clean, and shiny cars. The last session of the day covered the True-Vue Chemical Monitoring System.

We finished the day with a group tour to Quicky Wash, a local car wash in Henderson, NV, to see the Turtle Wax Pro products and the True-Vue Chemical Monitoring System in action.

We covered a wide range of topics, shared helpful sales and technical tips, and provided training for our distributors staff. If you’re interested in attending our 2020 Turtle Wax Pro Summit, please contact Jeff Price (

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